Where are Capillary Tube Used?

Due to the small inner diameter of capillary tubing, it is a convenient way to separate pressure equipment such as gauges and transmitters from process tapping/connections.

Capillary Tube is used to isolate direct connections between measuring devices and process tapping points.

Equipment can be installed freely and maintenance is easy. A capillary tube contains liquid. Usually glycerin, but can be changed according to the needs of the application.

This allows readings to be taken at more convenient and accessible locations to meet remote measurement/reading demands. The capillary tube also acts as a cooling element as the distance between the process connection and the instrument is greater than in a direct installation. Furthermore, there is no direct contact between the equipment sensors and the process.

Importance of Capillary Tubes

  • Capillary tubes are typically used to connect a diaphragm seal remote control to a pressure gauge. You can separate the process connection from measuring devices such as manometers and transmitters.

  • Capillary tubes with mechanical gauges typically require the use of gauge brackets and gauge adapters, or other types of surface mounting.

  • For temperature measurements, a pneumatic temperature transmitter is connected to the sensor. The sensor is a sphere filled with mercury, gas, or vapor. Through the capillary tube, inflated ball filling moves the bellows or C-type Bourdon tube, depending on the proper temperature of the process medium.

Capillary Tube Material

  • Stainless steel,
  • Copper,
  • Inconel,
  • Hastelloy

Where are Capillary Tube used?

Application and uses

Precision capillary tubes are used in many instrument systems such as:

  • HPLC tube

  • UPLC tube

  • Coriolis hose

  • Pressure transmission hose for diaphragm seal

  • Jacket hose

  • Hydraulic hose

  • Steel plant

  • Sugar plant

  • Oil refinery

Some applications require long coils of stainless steel tubing where long distance connections (welds or fittings) are unacceptable.

However, there are many important capillary applications that require short tubing lengths. Other precision devices using this type of capillary tube include:

  • pressure gauge

  • Flow meter

  • pressure gauge and sensor

  • differential pressure transducer

  • Pressure, level, flow and temperature transducers

  • bourdon tube gauge

  • coriolis flow meter


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